Details: 6 Mukhi Jap Mala Rudraksha


The Mala Has a Total of 27 + 1 Beads

The Size of Each Rudraksha Here 10mm


Rs: 75 Per Beads


Deites: Lord Kartik 
Spiritual: Wisdom, Knowledge, Volcablary.
Material: Love, romance, Sexual pleasures, Music, Poetry, Creativity and Artistic abilities.
Astrological: Ruling planet Venus.
Medical: Venus signifies sense of taste, anemia, diseases of urinary system, diseases of reproductive system, sexual perversions, venereal diseases, leucoderma, impotence and frigidity, typhoid, appendicitis, stones in kidney and gall bladder.
Note: Can be worn as a bracelet in the right hand to get its fullest benifits.

6 Mukhi Jap Mala Rudraksha

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