Siddha Rudraksha mala have different designs. The current product has a 36 bead combination siddha mala which we have found to be very energetic, powerful and effective on the end devotees who have worn it.

What is siddha mala ?

A combination mala containing all types of rudraksha beads as per the sastra. As per sastra the beads from 2 face to 14 face are work as one combination mala. There are different number of beads which makes the total number of beads to 36 beads. As per the sastra, the siddha mala is the highest respected rudraksha mala combination which gives all possible benefits and blessings of rudraksha combination ever possible.

Configuration of siddha rudraksha mala

The mala contains a total number of 36 Nepal origin beads. The individual bead counts are as below
2 mukhi - 3 nos,

3 mukhi - 3 nos,

4 mukhi - 3 nos,

5 mukhi - 12 nos,

6 mukhi - 3 nos,

7 mukhi - 3 nos,

8 mukhi - 1 nos,

9 mukhi - 1 nos,

10 mukhi - 1 nos,

11 mukhi - 1 nos,

12 mukhi - 1 nos
13 mukhi - 1 nos,

14 mukhi - 1 nos,

Ganesh mukhi - 1 nos,

Gauri sankar mukhi - 1 nos.




Description on use and benefits of siddha mala

It is one of the rare powerful healing mala worn for getting blessing and direction in life. It is capable of fulfilling all aspires and desires of the wearer who want to achieve all in the life. Also removes many of the obstacles that the wearer may have related to health and other things in life. Brings so much of positive energy which transforms into all success in life. All the beads combination brings the true blessings of lord Shiva to the wearer making him Shiva himself ( i.e. giving him all blessings possible from the lord himself ). The healing power of the bead combination makes the chakras clean and soft. The flow of energy in our body get all blockages healed slowly. Transformation of thought happens soon and contentedness brings another blessing. All the planets from astrology point of view get their satisfaction to such a person wearing the mala and the obstacles from wrong positions are slowly healed. The healing of chakras is most important where it brings a situation where different elements of the body going harmonic.

Why to wear siddha mala ?

The purpose of wearing is to get a smooth and happy life where the person can actually feel the positive energy flowing within himself as well as in all work and spheres of life. For all such people who want to get spiritual and want to lead a peaceful and successful life. For those who want to get prosperity and earn a leading life in the society. And Also for self healing and curing many of the diseases including those incurable ones. For all who want the right direction in life and get guru.

How to wear the mala !

It should be worn around neck as a mala which touches the skin directly. For easy wearing the neck part of the mala can be made with small smooth beads. Other rules of wearing can be followed for better benefits. It can also be kept at puja place and worshiped for full blessings and positive aura.

Source from old books and purans

Padma purana and Akshamalikopanishad clearly tells about wearing all beads ( 2 mukhi to 14 mukhi + ganesh and gauri sankar ) which gives his blessings and he resides directly in such a combination bringing the energy flow to the wearer directly. Also the purans tell the mantras reside within such a mala completely and in whole being.

Siddha Mala Most Powerful Spiritual

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